Plus Ultra Asset Management signs a contract with Dexia Crédit Local for the management of its Dexia Carbon Fund SICAV-SIF portfolio

Paris, October 8th 2010 Plus Ultra Asset Management GmbH (PUAM), Munich, today signed a portfolio management contract with Dexia Crédit Local (DCL), Paris, covering the portfolio management of the Dexia Carbon Fund SICAV-SIF (DCF). The EUR 50m DCF was launched in 2008 and has since then invested in a wide range of CDM projects contracting several million CERs in Asia and Latin America. With the end of the investment period, DCL and the management team have agreed on a new management structure for the carbon fund. Clemens Huettner, Managing Director, and Dr. Frédéric Brodach, Director of Portfolio Management both leave Dexia Carbon Fund Managers, the initial Dexia-owned management company of DCF, with immediate effect. PUAM, wholly owned by Mr. Huettner and Dr. Brodach, takes over the management mandate in order to pursue the collaboration as external manager of the fund.

Plus Ultra Asset Management completes advisory assignment for Pacific Carbon Trust

Victoria/Munich, December 31st 2010 Plus Ultra Asset Management GmbH, Munich, today successfully completed its advisory assignment for Pacific Carbon Trust (www.pacificcarbontrust.com). The services provided included strategic consulting on the mechanisms and opportunities of international and North American carbon markets as well as on the supply and delivery of suitable offset projects to the trust. About Pacific Carbon Trust: Pacific Carbon Trust is a Crown corporation established in 2008. Its purpose is to purchase greenhouse gas offsets for the Government of British Columbia and to deliver British Columbia-based greenhouse gas offsets, to help clients meet their carbon reduction goals and to support the growth of B.C.’s low-carbon economy.

PUAM started testing the beta version of Tschach Solutions’ groundbreaking CDM Evaluation Tool

Plus Ultra Asset Management GmbH (PUAM), Munich, has today started testing the beta version of Tschach Solutions’ groundbreaking CDM Evaluation Tool. The CDM Evaluation Tool calculates the expected issuances including probability distributions of CDM projects and entire CDM portfolios. It fully runs on the computers of the user, i.e. no sensible data need to be transferred via the internet. The tool utilizes the proprietary CDM and Monitoring Report database of Tschach Solutions and models not only the expected success rates of individual projects, but also the delay times in both the registration and the issuance process. By also including ERPA-related data, the tool also calculates the expected gross profit of the portfolio as well as the sensitivities on performance distributions and future carbon prices. Tschach Solutions has today made available the beta version of the CDM Evaluation Tool to PUAM. Over the coming weeks PUAM will bring in its experience of managing public and private carbon portfolios and its understanding of the current CDM market conditions to test the tool’s functionalities and help fine-tune its results. Both firms are convinced that their joint effort will eventually benefit their respective clients by delivering more realistic and meaningful projections of their assets’ evolution. The final version of the CDM Evaluation Tool will be available starting end of April 2011. About Tschach Solutions: Tschach Solutions is a young and fast-growing company that aims to provide superior market intelligence for the carbon market. It develops computer-based models and tools, but also provides tailor-made analysis to its customers. The main focus is on forecasting market prices, price risks, assessment of CDM-statistics and the effects of political and regulatory developments. Tschach Solutions has developed an outstanding carbon market model and a couple of innovative products with features unique in the carbon market.

Plus Ultra Asset Management becomes active in Serbia

Belgrade / Munich, July 2011: Plus Ultra Asset Management GmbH (PUAM) becomes active in the Serbian renewable energy market by rendering carbon investment advisory services for overseas investors in Serbian wind power assets. The recent adoption of the Renewable Energy (RE) Law by the Serbian parliament, together with the opportunity to generate carbon credits with RE projects, provides security and interesting project possibilities for investors. Serbia officially applied for European Union membership on 22 December 2009 and the European Commission recommended making it an official candidate on 12 October 2011. PUAM expects an above average growth of RE investment volumes in the Balkans and is happy to provide strategic carbon advisory services to its customer base.

Plus Ultra Asset Management contributes to an energy-efficiency workshop in Poland

Zielona Góra, October 5th 2011: Plus Ultra Asset Management GmbH (PUAM) was invited by EWE Polska, the Polish subsidiary of the 5th German utility EWE AG, to participate in the workshop called “Energy Efficiency: Learning from international experiences for Poland”. PUAM shared its understanding of the German energy efficiency market and experiences made therein over the past 18 months with fellow participants. The broad scope of contributors from industry, technical suppliers, architectural offices and the Ministry of Environment comprehensively analysed the Polish energy efficiency challenges and presented a set of concrete recommendations to a large floor of local mayors supplied with energy by EWE Polska. This exchange of ideas has reaffirmed PUAM’s conviction that energy efficiency is Europe’s biggest energy resource.

Serbian CDM Project Registration

Munich, 28/02/2012: We are pleased to announce the registration of the first Serbian CDM projects ever (UNFCCC Reference Numbers 5309, 5329 and 5449). Plus Ultra Asset Management GmbH (“PUAM”) was able to contribute to the development of the 3 wind projects and worked closely with the Serbian project owners Continental Wind Serbia, Energowind d.o.o. and Energogreen d.o.o. (member company of the Fintel Group) to realize the carbon potential of their projects. PUAM teamed up with Energy Changes Austria to develop the carbon business in Serbia and was greatly supported by the Serbian authorities.

Space assisted services in the forestry carbon market

Munich, 07/03/2012: Plus Ultra Asset Management GmbH (“PUAM”) has successfully completed a six- month advisory mandate for a major space industry player. Its objective was to evaluate the structure and likely evolutions in terms of demand in the forestry carbon markets for space-assisted services based on satellite constellations and remote sensors.

Plus Ultra Asset Management completes advisory assignment for PMV

Brussels/Munich, March 29th 2012: Plus Ultra Asset Management GmbH, Munich, today successfully completed its advisory assignment for the Flemish Region’s public investment company ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen (http://www.pmv.eu/en). The services rendered since October 2010 included the valuation of PMV’s stakes in multilateral carbon funds, advice on carbon-specific portfolio management and hedging techniques and the strategic evaluation of market trends. Pieter Marinus, legal counsel of PMV comments: "“We chose PUAM to advise us on our carbon portfolio because of its independent yet very deep knowledge of the carbon market. Its services were greatly appreciated for their hands on and no nonsense character. Frédéric and Clemens’ very complementary expertise, their network and responsiveness contributed to the positive outcome of our project.” About ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen: PMV nv is an independent investment company. It invests in the economic fabric of Flanders. In so doing, the company acts as entrepreneur and market producer. It also provides financial levers if the market needs support and the necessary private initiatives are not forthcoming. PMV collaborates with private partners via funds and public-private partnerships. Particular emphasis is placed on sustainable energy, biotech, cleantech, life sciences and infrastructure for the future. PMV manages a portfolio of EUR 900 million in assets. PMV also undertakes commissions on behalf of the Flemish Region.

PUAM publishes article on private equity investments in forestry

Munich, January 17th 2013: PUAM is happy to announce the publication of an article it co-authored with UNIQUE Forestry and Landuse (www.unique-landuse.de) in the ETFRN News Issue No. 54 (December 2012) “Good Business: Making Private Investments Work for Tropical Forests”. The article “Private equity investments in forestry: overcoming barriers” (Pages 27 to 34) describes our common view of timber as an asset class for institutional investors, it identifies timber-specific advantages and challenges and suggests strategies to overcome remaining barriers. Both companies have joined forces and combined their respective expertise in sustainable timber production and asset management in order to set up a sustainable forestry fund they are currently jointly marketing.

Expert Evaluator for the European Commission

Munich, 11/06/2013: The EU Commission has appointed Frédéric Brodach as an Expert Evaluator for energy efficiency project proposals submitted by public entities in response to an energy-related funding programme. Evaluation work consists in assessing proposals according to a set of criteria and includes formulating recommendations on the proposals submitted in order to steer the proposed actions towards optimum achievement of the aims of the programme.

PUAM supports UNIDO in Energy Efficiency Project Assessments

Munich, 07/08/2013: UNIDO has appointed Clemens Huettner as Senior Expert for energy efficiency project assessments in the energy intensive industry in the Middle East. Together with expert teams of UNIDO, technical and financial due diligence work will be conducted to select and propose projects for funding by financial institutions. These pilot projects should contribute to raising the awareness for the enormous energy efficiency potential of production facilities and their financial attractiveness in pre-selected industrial sectors.

Transfer of ownership of Plus Ultra Asset Management

Plus Ultra Asset Management has today become a 100% subsidiary of Luxembourg-based Serimus S.A.. Serimus was founded in 2014 by its two managing partners, Clemens Huettner and Frédéric Brodach. Korys (www.korys.be), the investment structure of the Colruyt family, has been a capital partner of Serimus since its creation.

Serimus S.A. is the in-country advocate for Germany of the EU-funded Investor Confidence Project Europe

Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe is enabling a market for Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ projects by reducing transaction costs and engineering overhead for building renovation projects, while increasing the reliability and consistency of savings. ICP Europe will help establish energy efficiency as a new and profitable global asset class leading to a commercial building sector with lower operating costs, higher market value, and a significantly lower carbon footprint. Serimus will garner support for this pan-European project in Germany, using its established network in the energy efficiency sector.

The French Fondation Nationale Entreprise et Performance (FNEP) publishes a book co-authored by Frédéric Brodach

The book « Réconcilions économie et écologie. Pour une nouvelle économie verte en faveur de la croissance » revisits the links between economy and ecology, illustrates these with concrete examples gathered during the authors’ field trips to several European countries, Japan and California and suggests concretes actions for a more sustainable and inclusive growth.